Log in to Zova

If you're having trouble logging in, please follow these simple steps: 

Log in from iPhone:

  1. Tap Log in within Settings and follow the prompts
  2. Tap and hold the magic link Zara emails you
  3. Wait for the pop up to appear
  4. Select Open in "Zova" from the list

Link not working OR don't see 'Open in Zova' from the list? 

This means your likely using a third party mail app e.g. Gmail. If so, follow these steps: 

  1. Tap and hold the magic link Zara emails you
  2. Select 'Copy Link URL' or 'Copy' from the list
  3. Open Safari and paste the link. Tap 'Go'
  4. After the page loads, tap and hold 'Log In to Zova' 
  5. This time 'Open in Zova' should appear!
  6. Please tap 'Open Zova'

If you still can't login, please open the original email from within the Safari app. To do this you will need to log in to your email providers website from the Safari app.

Log in from TV:

  1. Make sure you have a Zova profile (you can only create one from Zova for iPhone)
  2. Enter your email address then tap Log in (be sure to leave Zova on the 'Check your email' screen)
  3. Check your email from any device, then tap the magic link sent from Zara
  4. If you're not immediately logged in, tap the magic link a second or third time.

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